Running a Business is Not For the Faint-Hearted

Apis Business Solutions, LLC was started in August 2088.  Of course, looking back that was probably not the best time to start a new business venture.  However, the business founders, Suzy Schutz and Nancy Barnett decided they had a choice to make in this new and difficult business environment.  We believed the choice was to be fearful or fearless. We chose the latter fearless. We believed that our services were even more vital to small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Truly understanding the numbers of their business not only empowers the business owner or entrepreneur, but enables them to make better strategic decisions in order to start and grow their business and contribute to their community’s economic recovery.

When we founded the company, at least four things were clear to us:

  We had the passion and expertise to make the business successful, and

  Most business owners do not start their own business because they love accounting and bookkeeping, yet effectively managing their financials is essential to their initial and continued success.  Organized and complete financials mean access to funding, better cash management and better opportunity for success.

  Offering on-going business education to small business owners and entrepreneurs was an essential part of our business model

We could not build this business alone.

  In June 2009, we were honored to be named one of the 10 winners nationwide in Intuit/QuickBooks Power to Get More Done Stimulus Grant Competition.  Apis Business Solutions was chosen from more than 700 applicants from across the country because of our professionalism and our willingness to give back to the community.

We were judge on three criteria:

  The actual business model of the company;

  Having the expertise to make the company successful; and

  The ability to offer employment in our community.

This prestigious award included $10,000 in Intuit/QuickBooks products and services, which we used to help other Colorado entrepreneurs grow their businesses.  The award validated our business model and gave us courage to move forward.

We began working with the consultants at the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center.  They were instrumental in helping us develop our marketing strategy and stay focused on the established goals.  We volunteered to teach at the SBDC as well and today Nancy is a part-time SBDC Consultant for Start-Ups and both Nancy and Suzy teach financial management and other business topics to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

We then surrounded ourselves with other professionals in the Denver community who are truly advocates for their clients.  We built a relationship with the Office of Economic Development and several community groups in the Denver area.  We not only believed in the pay forward attitude, we did it every day.

In May 2011 we were honored as one of the three finalists for the Emerging Business of the Year award sponsored by the Denver Metro Chamber.  As an advocate for small business success and growth in the Denver Metro Community, we are honored to be recognized as a Small Business Making a Difference.

We continue to work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to empower them to take charge of their financials and use them as a powerful management tool.  This enables the small business owner and entrepreneur make strategic decisions based on fact not hope.

To learn more about us and how comprehensive and complete financial records can help you better manage you business, please check out our website at

  Nancy Barnett                                    Suzy Schutz 

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