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The Domain Name Game: How To Play The Domain Name Game [Infogrpahic]

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We’ve been struggling with our name. CrowdFunde is a better description of where we started than where we are now. We’ve been buying so many domain names thought I would share some tricks to helping find a great name:

1. URL is ALL.
Intellectual property [IP] is over. No secrets anymore. Your best IP is a sizable online community.

2. Buy the .com, net and .org of any name you will build on. Buying other domains helps prevent others from stealing your traffic and then selling their steal of your traffic back to you (been there, done that and never want to do it again).  

3. Buy the nameSUCKS.com, .net, .org and, depending on your budget, all other relevant versions. This buy cuts off people from getting mad at you and sharing content that may live for ever.

4. Don’t POINT your non-used domains at your “crown jewel” domain as that was a common spam tactic and Google may punish. Point to one of the non-used URL so if it gets banned or penalized you don’t risk the crown jewels.

5. You have 2 basic URL name branches:

* Appy – like names. 
* Asynchronous combinations.

If you go asynch realize you are fighting a rising tide. Bots are beginning to inherit the earth. As bots get better identifying “ownable space it goes fast. So if you see a URL you like jump on  it.

Appy names use endings like y, ify, ology. namexify, namexology,.

Until about a year ago you could still find some substantial names. When in doubt pay the rent and own the name. Bots are taking over so creating names based on synchronous relationships between action verbs (snapchat, foursquare).

When you run two words together make sure they are distinct – two ///words and not one long way or read as one long one. The second option is to create asynchronous relationships such as     

Nancy Barnett‘s insight:

Getting a great domain name is getting harder and harder.  Here are some goo tips.

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