Every Small Business Benefits from a Professional Advisory Board

Harness the Power of Your Professional Advisory Board

Business Owner Truth #1

“The only thing more overrated than natural childbirth is the joy of owning your own business.”

In today’s tough environment the Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur have little margin for error.

Business Owner Truth #2 – Running a business is very complicated.

As a Small Business Owner you are responsible for:

The Success of Your Business

Growth, Product Development, Marketing, Networking, Financial Management, Funding, Sales, Customer Service, Quality Control, etc.

The Well-Being and Productivity of Your Employees

Salaries, Health Benefits, 401K Plans, Training, Hiring, HR Documentation

You and Your Family’s Future

Real Estate Investments, Education, Household Overhead, Insurance, Retirement, Long-Term Investments

The Protection of Your Business

Partnership Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, Liability Protection, Life Insurance

Your Legacy

Estate Planning, Succession Planning, Exit Strategy, Insurance Options, Trust Considerations

Business Owner Truth #3 You do NOT have to run it alone.

Take the time to put together a Professional Advisory Board to help you navigate the challenges of running a successful business. Think of this Board of Trusted Advisors as a Compass. Together they can help you keep your business heading “true north” toward both your short-term and long-term goals.

A supportive Professional Advisory Board that works as a team can help you by:

Extending your access to knowledge and expertise using their expertise together to give you the best possible information members of Your Professional Advisory Team may be a:

  •  CPA or Tax Professional
  •  SBFO™ or Accountant
  •  Business Attorney
  •  Banker
  •  Estate Attorney
  •  Financial Advisor
  •  HR Consultant
  •  Business Coach

Since it is vital this group work together as a team everybody has to be able to “play well together in the sandbox.”  The people you choose for your Professional Advisory Team MUST be YOUR Advocates.  They must be focused on helping you succeed not their own egos.

Here are some characteristics to look for in the members of your Professional Advisory Team:

  •  Trustworthy
  •  Your Best Interests at Heart
  •  Dedicated to Helping You Grow and Prosper
  •  Attentive
  •  Problem-Solver
  •  Works Well with Others

At Apis Business Solutions, we encourage Small Business Owners to form a Professional Advisory Team. Most of us as business owners have a group of advisors we work with, but we usually talk to them individually not as a team. By bringing them together on a pre-determined basis with an established agenda, we can utilize all of their expertise together to help us make better strategic decisions for both our business and our personal future.

We have worked hard to build a referral list of professionals in the Denver Metro area who are true advocates for their clients. Give us a call if you need a referral about some possible additions to your advisory board.

If you have any questions about how to put together your own Professional Advisory Board, give us a call at 303.945.2104 to talk to an Apis Representative

If you need a reminder of why some days you feel like your head is going to explode check out our rendition of the “Brain of a Small Business Owner” and you will realize you are normal.  Take the best step to gaining control of your business, your time and your sanity and find the right people to support you.


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