“Invest in the future because that is w

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“Invest in the future because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life.”-Habeeb Akande


Cyber Insurance: The Next Big Thing for Businesses

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Earlier this year, New York City-based staffing agency Clarity bought cyber insurance for the first time. This spring it added more coverage.

“We were actually hearing about it from our clients,” said Elizabeth Wade, Clarity’s operations manager. “They were asking us about it and in order to prevent being behind the eight ball we felt like we really wanted to be proactive and get the insurance ’cause we knew it was something that was important to our clients, and then it was important to us as well.”

Source: www.entrepreneur.com

Just heard about this one. 

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10 Steps to Scale Your Content Marketing Strategy

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A successful content marketing strategy is one that’s not only built to handle current industry needs and challenges, but can also scale to meet the demands brought about by successful growth. Here…

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Some good information. 

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14 Marketing Automation Tools That Can Save You Precious Time

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New businesses are often faced with a near-Herculean task when it comes to advertising and gaining market presence in an already saturated online environment. The question becomes, how to effectively market a new business with the limited resources of a startup company.

Market Automation Tools provide an Effective SolutionMarketing automation is a very broad term that can refer collectively or separately to a number of behaviors and actions. In general, marketing automation tools refer to the online software and tools that provide business owners with the opportunity to effectively market their products online and to automate repetitive tasks.

What those actions and tasks are differs depending on the specific business.

Marketing automation tools include basic tasks like advertising and promotion, and also includes marketing tasks completed over the Internet, via email, SMS (text messaging) and social media. More complicated marketing automation includes the tracking and categorizing of customer data, lead generation, monitoring customer behaviors and choosing appropriate responses to help earn maximum profit.

Source: www.business2community.com

Finding ways to manage your social media is always a challenge.  Here are some options. 

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How Much Are Your Customers Worth? #Infographic

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Lifetime Value (LTV) is one of those metrics that keeps your CEO up a night. It’s the estimated revenue that a customer will generate during the entire span of their relationship with your company. It takes into account not only the initial purchase, but also how much a customer is likely to spend in the future as they purchase more products and services from you.

By understanding how much revenue each new customer will generate, you gain valuable insight into how to properly set your marketing budget and how much you should be spending on customer acquisition and customer retention — all things your CEO will love to see you focus on.

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Lifetime Value

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Hashtag Strategies for Dummies

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Hashtags are a key component to a social media approach. However, done poorly, hashtags can make a brand come across as uncalculated and well, a dummie. Use this pound sign turned social the right way– avoid the errors that can destroy any strategy by following our list of do’s and dont’s for hashtagging.

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The punctuation rules of Twitter

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Perfect Landing Page Ingredients #infographic

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Good basic information

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